• Bio

    Cindy Lewis grew up in a small rural town in Central Illinois. She fondly still calls it home and resides there with her husband of over 40 years.
    Cindy is a mixed media artist employing an experimental approach. Being self taught with little awareness or concern for the "rules" promotes a fresh approach.
    Preferring to record positive emotions and let the experience of creating guide her, she does not start with a sketch and often has no clear vision of how the finished piece will present itself.
    After a full career in accounting and business ownership and a late start in art, she feels the freedom of being an artist without fear or urgency of creating under conventional standards. Experimenting with acrylic paints, inks, collage, markers, and various mediums and tools, she completes a painting and often has no clear memory of the individual steps taken on the way.
    Finding beauty in textures created by nature, decay and wear, she celebrates the escape from the rigid world of business and numbers. Drawn to intricate patterns of parking lot repairs, cracked sidewalks, worn surfaces, rusted metals, peeling paint, graffiti, discarded and found items - all elements serving as inspiration. Her hope is to share with the audience the beauty she sees in these easily unnoticed surfaces or items.